My treatments are often enriched with herbal oils and techniques tailored to your unique health
needs. Sometimes I recommend combining two or more treatments for better results. For optimal
results, I recommend having an intake interview before a treatment.

Ayurveda oil massage

Ayurvedic full body massage

A massage is sometimes also called “mother’s love”. A loving touch heals you better than any medicine. The warm oil and touch help release the well-known “happiness hormones” serotonin and dopamine and deeply nourish your nervous system.


This massage is for you if you experience:

  • stress and anxiety
  • insomnia, tension
  • joint disorders
  • stiff and tense muscles
  • dry skin and cracks
  • nervous disorders
  • general weakness


I perform this massage with warm sesame oil of organic origin or, if needed, a special herbal oil tailored to you. For a deeper therapeutic effect, I use essential oils. They have an effect on emotions and memories and are known for their healing properties on the emotional level.

The long movements and the totality of the massage give a feeling of unity of the body and help to deeply relax your mind. The superficial and deep tissues become soft and supple. The stress levels are significantly reduced.

For stiff and tense muscles, I give those areas extra attention with additional treatments, such as applying pressure to special vital energy points and using techniques from Thai massage.

To achieve maximum effect, this oil massage should be given daily for a period of 7 – 10 days. However, most people opt for a series of treatments once a week.

During the massage I use singing bowls and calming music.
This dhara massage is aimed at women.

Duration: 60 minutes. Costs: € 75,-. A course of 7 massages: € 443,-.

Pinda Sveda

warm herbal bundle treatment

One of the most efficient and pleasant Ayurvedic treatments for the body with a double effect: healing and relaxing.

This treatment is unique in the sense that you can experience pain relief after the first treatment.


Medically speaking, Pinda Sveda is unsurpassed as a solution for:

  • painful and stiff muscles and sensitive joints
  • improving lymph circulation and blood circulation
  • solving stagnant processes in the body
  • healthier and firmer skin due to the released toxins
  • it also has a strong calming and relaxing effect on the nerves


I use 4 warm herb bundles with an Ayurvedic formula of warming, healing herbs. With long flowing
movements, the tissues of your body are gradually warmed in depth.

To reduce discomfort, I combine the herbal bundles with other techniques. Special Ayurvedic painrelieving oils can also be used.

After the treatment you will feel warm, balanced and light.

An entire course of 7 Pinda Sveda treatments can produce exceptionally good results.

All herbal stamps are made by myself according to an Ayurvedic formula and are not a commercial mass

Duration: 45 minutes. Costs: € 55,-. A course of 7 treatments: € 329,-.

Treatment oh heart area

The heart area is one of the three most important vital energy points in the human body. From Ayurveda it is not only the place of the physical heart, but also of the energetic heart. It regulates blood pressure, resistance, circulation, vitality and immunity. According to Ayurveda, heart dhara is effective in treating heart diseases.

Spiritually, it connects to our emotions like self-acceptance, pleasure, compassion, sadness and indecision.


This gentle, loving and undervalued therapy in the West is for you if you:

  • want to let go of old, stagnant emotions
  • process your grief and open your heart
  • experience stress and anxiety
  • are looking for deep relaxation and grounding


This special and exceptionally pleasant Ayurvedic therapy starts with placing a dough ring on the heart area. A mixture of warm milk and essential oil is slowly poured into this dough ring in a specific pattern. It is a ritual in which the sounds of a singing bowl, music, the smell of roses and warm milk help to open your heart and let go of what no longer serves you.

After this deeply relaxing treatment, new energy flows through your body, you feel vital and full of enthusiasm for life.

Heart Dhara can be booked as a separate treatment or in combination with a full body Ayurvedic massage or other treatments. For a lasting effect, a course of 7 treatments is highly recommended.

Duration: 30 minutes. Costs: € 45,-. A course of 7 treatments: € 287,-.

spinal theraphy with medicated oil

In this treatment, a deep healing effect is achieved by the warm medicinal oil that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and the relevant marma points. In addition to being a very relaxing treatment, Kati Basti nourishes and strengthens the muscles, nerves and tissues surrounding the spinal column.

The special thing about this therapy is that a positive effect is often noticeable after the first treatment.


Kati Basti helps very well in the case of:

  • a stiff, painful back
  • painful hips
  • spinal disorders – deterioration, compressed intervertebral discs, hernia, sciatica
  • osteoporosis
  • menstrual complaints.


I will pour a continuous stream of warm medicated oil onto the painful area, providing the tissues with a new supply of fresh blood. In this way, energy is provided to the muscles and surrounding tissues, reducing muscle tension and pain.

After the oil bath, I treat the painful area with a light massage and stimulate the vital energy points (marmas) to allow the herbal oil to penetrate the tissue and thereby support the healing process.

This treatment is also used for pain in muscles, tendons and for the deterioration of joints in other parts of the body, such as knees, ankles, wrists and upper back.

For a lasting effect, a course of 7 treatments is highly recommended.

Duration: 30 minutes. Costs: € 45,-. A course of 7 treatments: € 287,-.

treatment of eyes

In Ayurveda, Netra basti or oil bath for the eyes is considered the best rejuvenation therapy for eyes. It soothes the nerves, counteracts inflammation, degeneration and dryness. It also helps prevent eye diseases by improving immunity.

People choose Netra basti for the following complaints:

  • “computer vision syndrome” or strain on the eyes
  • stiffness and burning sensation in the eyes,
  • blurred vision,
  • extremely dry and irritated eyes,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • glaucoma,
  • atrophy of cranial nerves.


First, a dike of chickpea flour is built around your eyes, which is then carefully filled with warm clarified butter (ghee). The ghee has a nourishing and cooling effect on the eye. For a deep lasting effect, a course of 5 treatments is recommended.

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes. Costs: €35. A course of 5 treatments: € 165.