My name is Gunita Bauere and my mission is to inspire people to take their health into their own hands – we can help ourselves much more than we were taught in school.
I offer Ayurvedic consultations, vitality plans tailored specifically to the client’s health, and authentic Ayurvedic therapies.
Another of my interests is the age-old wisdom of fasting, or voluntary temporary abstinence from food, and its wide-ranging health benefits. What Ayurveda and many other world cultures recommended as early as 3,000 years ago has now become the focus of research in the modern scientific arena.
I also organize small-scale, customized and safe Ayurvedic detox retreats with different levels of challenges. Individual detox sessions are also available. Group retreats take place in the Netherlands or
online worldwide.
If you are interested, contact ayurveda@bare-foot.nl or follow the news HERE.


After working in banking for many years, I began my Ayurvedic journey in 2010 when I traveled to India
in search of the birthplace of Ayurveda. In Kerala, South India, I studied Ayurvedic theory, massage and
various treatments.
In 2011, I went to Thailand to take an intensive 150-hour Thai massage course at the
government-certified TMC School. When I returned to Latvia, I practiced it in a yoga studio and in my
practice in Riga.
In collaboration with a team of Western doctors and Indian therapists, I have been practicing Ayurvedic
Panchakarma therapies at the KWA Stift Rottal neurological clinic in Germany as an Ayurvedic therapist
for 5 years.
The desire to experience more took me back to India in 2015 for a 3 week full Ayurvedic body and mind
cleansing Panchakarma cure.
Craving to learn Ayurveda at an academic level, in 2016 I entered EISRA’s 4-year undergraduate program
in The Hague, Netherlands, to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner®. In addition to in-depth Ayurvedic
theory, part of this program was an accredited course in the basics of Western medicine. As part of my
studies, I went to India in October 2019 to do a 3-week internship at an Indian hospital.
I finished my studies in 2021. The topic of my thesis was about improving the quality of life with
Ayurveda for people with atopic dermatitis.
The desire to continue learning has not subsided yet. I regularly update my knowledge of Ayurveda in
short courses and trainings.
Since 2023, I have been an Ayurvedic teacher at NHA Opleidingen, one of the largest home course and
training schools in the Netherlands.
I am currently practicing in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. I conduct consultations and therapies in my home
practice in Apeldoorn. Online appointments are also possible.