FOR THE CURIOUS ONE – short and powerful

This short and powerful program is for you if you have minor health complaints such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia, stomach complaints, etc. or if you are just curious and want to: -discover which body-mind constitution you are and which element (Dosha) is out of balance (if
applicable) -receive tips on lifestyle and nutritional adjustments to bring you closer to your unique mental and physical state of balance.

The program entails

  • -analyzing the body-mind constitution test you completed
  • -analyzing your eating habits
  • -consultation with tongue diagnosis; nutrition & lifestyle advice. Duration 1.5 hours.

This is a short but powerful collaboration between you and me: You arrive for the consultation with a completed food diary and body-mind constitution test. I will ask you questions to find out more about your lifestyle and perform a tongue analysis. After the consultation you will receive nutritional and lifestyle advice that you can directly start introducing in your daily life.

After this program you will have learned yourself better and you can take responsibility for your health back into your own hands by immediately working on nutritional & lifestyle changes.

Cost of the program: €97,-.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LASTING CHANGES – deep with lasting improvements

Do you have long-term or chronic health problems and do you want to experience lasting improvement in your health? Then this program is for you.

The program entails

-extensive health research
Duration: 1.5 hours
Costs: €95,-.
After the intake interview, I draw up an individual Vitality Plan for Nutrition and Lifestyle for you.

-insight into the principles of Ayurveda
-discussing the Vitality Plan
-helping you to set an intention and defining the priorities of the Vitality Plan
Duration: 60-90 min.
Costs: €65/60 min.

-assessing your progress in your health journey
-adjusting the Vitality Plan
-exercises for emotional balance
Duration: depending on needs, 30-90 min.

The costs of the VITALITY PLAN are € 108 and are calculated separately from the consultation.

I offer online, as well as in-person consultations in my current practice in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.