Winter is the time of hibernation – less movement and often bulkier and heavier food choices. Our energy is lower, and food might be digested less optimal. According to Ayurveda, these are all factors contributing to accumulation of toxins in tissues.

Spring is the time when the Sun returns and starts to melt ice and warm up the soil inviting nature to wake up.

The same happens in our bodies – slime, excess fat and sluggishness accumulated in tissues during the cold winter months are melted away by the Sun’s powerful energy. Following a detox routine in spring for a couple of weeks supports this process of melting and expelling the built-up “sludge”.

Autumn is another junction of two extremes – the summer heat and freezing winter temperatures. It is the time when the five elements – space, wind, fire, water and earth – rearrange searching for a new balance. In Ayurveda it is said that the elements “go crazy”. The bright October sunshine is replaced by showers of rain which are again replaced by sunshine in just an hour’s time. The morning hours are crisp, while the temperature in late afternoon is inviting you to wear a T-shirt.

In order to tame the elements in our body and to make sure the intense, sudden shifts in nature don’t make us land in the sick-bed, slowing down and giving our body time to integrate these seasonal shifts is the key to strong health. It is also a way to enhance our immunity ahead of the long winter months. This is why autumn is the second best time to do a detox.

When we slow down, or even stop altogether, the constant flow of physical (i.e. food) and mental (i.e. impressions) input, we give ourselves a window of opportunity to process and expel the residue, be it undigested food or unresolved emotions and difficult experiences, that blocks our vitality and flow of energy. After a detox nutrients can reach and nourish every cell again. Energy flows freely. The mind can think clearly. Senses are sharp. Some participants call this experience addictive 🙂

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The theory of Ayurveda maintains that unless our body channels are open and clean, taking medicine is of no use – only intestines with no slime and undigested food on its walls can fully absorb medicine, be it Western medicine or Ayurvedic herbal preparations. Only unclogged blood vessels can carry all vital nutrients to our heart, brain, muscles and bones. Mental toxins have an equally important role in health – only with a mind free from grudge, old traumas and pain can you create a life you dream of.


  • you notice you catch viruses too often
  • your digestion and elimination often give you a hard time
  • your sleep quality is compromised
  • your energy is low and you often feel tired during the day
  • your body weight bothers you
  • you miss enthusiasm and clarity of thought
  • you believe that prevention is easier (and cheaper!) than cure,

then this Detox Program is for you!

The absolutely best time to follow a detox for health maintenance is spring. The second most favorable time of the year to detox yourself is autumn. I offer my customized DETOX PROGRAM twice a year, in March/April and September/October.
Private sessions at other times are possible.

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This is an indicative list of questions for you to see if your body and mind need a break and you should do a detox.

Answer the questions on the scale of 0 to 3 with ‘0’ meaning you don’t experience the symptom at all and ‘3’ meaning you experience the symptom intensely/often.
Some questions are in positive e.g. “Are you clear in your head after waking up?”. If you are, you should rate your answer with a “0” (being “unclear/foggy in your head” would mean you have toxins). The questions that are in positive are marked with “P”.
The maximum score is 63 points. The higher the score, the more it implies that choosing for a periodic detox is a good idea.

  1. Do you have excess fat in your body (overweight or obese)?
  2. Do you feel blocked in your body? (your wake-up call should not be the alarm clock, instead it’s a
    sensation to go to the toilet first thing in the morning)
  3. (P) Are you clear in your head after some time of waking up in the morning?
  4. (P) Are you breathing with both nostrils equally? (the Sun and Moon channels should work equally
    which means there is a thermo balance in the body)
  5. After sitting, do you take more time to stand up than you used to take before/some time ago?
  6. Do you often have sputum?
  7. Do you have your meals because it’s meal time without feeling grumbling in your stomach (having
    natural hunger)?
  8. (P) In women – do you have regular menstruation (28-30 days and 3-4 days flow)? A little bit of
    premenstruation symptoms are ok, meaning you feel you are going to menstruate.
  9. (P) Is your stomach soft to the touch (i.e. no tightness or lumps) (check on empty stomach)?
  10. Do you feel more exhausted than some time ago after doing the same amount of job?
  11. Are your feet often cold?
  12. Does your head feel warm?
  13. Does your stool have very foul smell?
  14. Is your urine dark?
  15. Do you have bags under your eyes in the morning (a little is ok)?
  16. Do you have to clean your navel often?
  17. Do you have a lot of ear wax (every 2-3 days)?
  18. Do you sweat profusely?
  19. Do you have a lot of hair fall?
  20. (P) Are your shoulders straight?
  21. Is your skin dry/with acne/any type of skin disease?

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