DETOX – what is it?

Ayurveda believes that a periodic resetting or detoxing the body and mind reduces the risk of falling sick literally with any disease.
The ancient people knew that after the age of 50 everyone should undergo a total cleansing and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit once a year. As we eat often not so healthy food, breathe polluted air and produce not necessarily only positive thoughts, the thousands of physical and non-physical channels in the body gradually clog up. The nutrient and energy flow is not optimal and we begin to feel physical discomfort. If we ignore these first signs, eventually the disbalance grows into disease.


In the 21st century we are constantly bombarded with (junk-) food, chemicals and sensory impressions in a form of a busy professional and private agendas, as well as a constant flow of visual information on screens. Purifying the body and resetting the mind at least once a year is more topical than ever. The traditional, safe and gentle Ayurvedic Detox Program that I offer is derived from Panchkarma – a total rejuvenation of body and mind.
You can follow this DETOX PROGRAM of 2 weeks in the comfort of your home instead of 6-8 weeks in an Ayurvedic hospital and logically takes less time and energy investment. It is therefore easier to fit in a westerner’s busy lifestyle.
Nevertheless, even 2 weeks are enough to see amazing improvements in digestion capacity, energy levels, resistance to seasonal viruses, overall immunity, weight and glow of skin and eyes. Participants report disappearance of physical discomforts, aches and pains and even a reduced need to take certain prescription medicines.

The three phases of DETOX PROGRAM:

PHASE 1 – moving in the detox mode. It lasts one week, during which you gradually wean yourself off of heavy to digest, processed and addictive foods like meat, pre-cooked supermarket food, coffee etc. Although this phase has an end date, you can do it at your own pace and according to your preferences. I support you with handy tips on how.

PHASE 2 – the active detox phase. It lasts three days, usually Friday, Saturday, Sunday, during which you sustain your body with a delicious, nutritious and easy to digest Ayurvedic meal Kitchari and a herbal tea formula that addresses the needs of your unique body-mind constitution. You are never hungry during this phase, while the daily routine and food cleanses and heals your body. You are encouraged to reduce the mental input as much as possible during this phase.

PHASE 3 – moving out. It lasts one week. You gradually return to your favorite foods and daily tasks. It is also the opportunity to notice and interpret the signals that your body sends you as you reintroduce these foods. Sometimes all of a sudden you will clearly know which foods are not good for you. It is your body’s awakened intelligence. Listening to it is the first step to introducing new habits on the road to a healthier lifestyle and a more vibrant you. You might enjoy this new lifestyle so much that you extend this third phase beyond the end date of this detox.


Winter is the time of hibernation – less movement and often more and heavier food choices. Our energy is lower, and food might be digested less optimal. According to Ayurveda, these are all factors contributing to formation of toxins in tissues.
Spring is the time when the Sun returns and starts to melt ice and warm up the soil inviting nature to wake up.
The same happens in our bodies – slime, excess fat and sluggishness accumulated in tissues during the cold winter months are melted away by the Sun’s powerful energy.

Following a detox routine in spring for a couple of weeks supports this process of “melting” away the buildup of toxins. When we slow down or even stop the constant flow of physical and mental input, we give the body a chance to process and expel the residue, be it food or emotions, that blocks our vitality and the flow of nutrients.
After such a detox nutrients can reach and nourish every cell again. Energy flows freely. The mind can think clearly.
Read participant’s experiences about the program HERE.


The theory of Ayurveda maintains that unless our body channels are clean, taking medicine is of no use – only intestines with no slime and undigested food on its walls can fully absorb medicine, be it Western medicine or Ayurvedic herbal preparations. Only unclogged blood vessels can carry all vital nutrients to our heart, brain, muscles and bones.
Mental toxins have an equally important role in health – only with a mind free from grudge, old traumas and pain can you create a life you dream of.

you notice you catch viruses too often
your digestion and elimination often give you a hard time
your sleep quality is compromised
your energy is low and you often feel tired during the day
your body weight bothers you
you miss enthusiasm and clarity of thought
you believe that prevention is easier (and cheaper!) than cure, then

this Detox Program is for you!

The absolutely best time to follow a detox for health maintenance is spring. The second most favorable time of the year to detox yourself is autumn. I offer my customized DETOX PROGRAM twice a year, in March and September.

Ready for healthier lifestyle choices but don’t know where to start? Go HERE.


This is an indicative list of questions for you to see if your body and mind need a break and you should do a detox.

Answer the questions on the scale of 0 to 3 with ‘0’ meaning you don’t experience the symptom at all and ‘3’ meaning you experience the symptom intensely/often.

Some questions are in positive e.g. “Are you clear in your head after waking up?”. If you are, you should rate your answer with a “0” (being “unclear/foggy in your head” would mean you have toxins). The questions that are in positive are marked with “P”.
The maximum score is 63 points. The higher the score, the more it implies that choosing for a periodic detox is a good idea.

1. Do you have excess fat in your body (overweight or obese)?

2. Do you feel blocked in your body? (your wake-up call should not be the alarm clock, instead it’s a sensation to go to the toilet first thing in the morning)

3. (P) Are you clear in your head after some time of waking up in the morning?

4. (P) Are you breathing with both nostrils equally? (the Sun and Moon channels should work equally which means there is a thermo balance in the body)

5. After sitting, do you take more time to stand up than you used to take before/some time ago?

6. Do you often have sputum?

7. Do you have your meals because it’s meal time without feeling grumbling in your stomach (having natural hunger)?

8. (P) In women – do you have regular menstruation (28-30 days and 3-4 days flow)? A little bit of premenstruation  symptoms are ok, meaning you feel you are going to menstruate.

9. (P) Is your stomach soft to the touch (i.e. no tightness or lumps) (check on empty stomach)?

10. Do you feel more exhausted than some time ago after doing the same amount of job?

11. Are your feet often cold?

12. Does your head feel warm?

13. Does your stool have very foul smell?

14. Is your urine dark?

15. Do you have bags under your eyes in the morning (a little is ok)?

16. Do you have to clean your navel often?

17. Do you have a lot of ear wax (every 2-3 days)?

18. Do you sweat profusely?

19. Do you have a lot of hair fall?

20. (P) Are your shoulders straight?

21. Is your skin dry/with acne/any type of skin disease?

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