Ayurveda is the most honest of all health sciences, as it heals without creating any kind of dependence.
No drugs, no diets, no revolutionary interventions.
Only intelligent cooperation between your body and the laws of nature.

Discover your physical and mental constitution and how you can get closer to physical balance and mental peace
in your life through simple everyday adjustments to your habits. Getting curious?
See the CONSULTATIONS and TREATMENTS that I offer.


Health is when life works for you. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

How to remember that, which we have always known, but which gets covered by the hazy shield of the hectic lifestyle and endless demands from ourselves and others? That grand potential that lies unnoticed, but always present within us. The potential that quietly works for us every single day to keep us in balance and healthy.

The power of healing is always available to you. Are you available to it? Do you deeply want to heal?

The door to healing is taking off your shoes, dropping your prejudices, fears and disbelief and step open-minded back in the ages-old wisdom of healing that the nature stores in every cell of your body.

I invite you to dare and make that step:
dive into the secrets of your body,
surrender to the gentle yet mighty power of the nature,
discover the unbelievably endless yet real potential of your mind,
in the name of vibrant health.


Ayurveda in Apeldoorn