Ayurveda is the most honest of all health sciences, as it heals without creating any kind of dependence.

No drugs, no dieting. Only wise cooperation between you and the laws of nature. The sunlight, rhythms of day and night, food on your plate and, yes, a plate without food, as well as your thoughts can all heal you.

Living free from regularly upset stomach, sour burps, headaches and brain fog, sleeplessness, low mental and physical energy, disregulated menstrual cycle and PMS, acne, frequent infections, seasonal allergies and excess weight.
Do you believe it? I do.

Ayurveda likes it slow. By observing yourself you will learn how your body works in harmony with natural rhythms. Gradually you will begin to make wise lifestyle and food choices to support your body and mind and heal. When you start feeling better, you will want more. This way, you naturally move from unhealthy habits to a lifestyle that helps you thrive. I will support you throughout the process.